Home Inspections Bloomington IL FAQ

When you are looking for a home inspectors in Bloomington, a few questions come to mind.

Is the home inspector well trained?

Our home inspectors are:

  1. Certified through InterNachi school.
  2. Licensed by the State of Illinois
  3. Required to apprentice with a Certified Master Inspector for over 50 inspections.

Only after completing the Impressive Inspector Apprenticeship are they ready to serve our clients and agents.

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Does the home inspector provide a detailed home inspection report?

Our inspection reports are very detailed. We build our reports to allow for our relocation clients to see the home as if they were with the inspector, every step of the way. We provide over 100 photos and include videos of things not well documented in a traditional photo. Check out our sample reports.

Exterior photo from home inspection near bloomington IL
Example electrical panel photo from a home inspection near Bloomington IL
Example Thermal Imaging Photo from an inspection near Bloomington Il
Example Foundation photo From a Home Inspection near Bloomington IL

How long after the home inspection will we receive our Home Inspection Report?

The Home Inspection Report is Delivered via email within 24 hours after the inspection.

Will your Home Inspectors answer all of my home buying questions regarding the condition of the home during the inspection?

We believe in the best possible customer service. Our Impressive Home Inspectors are available anytime after the inspection to discuss all your questions and issues. Whether it is a day after the home inspection or 5 years, we plan to be a resource for you in your real estate journey.

Is the Home Inspector Local to Bloomington - Normal?

Yes, the team is local to the Bloomington-Normal Area

What is the Home Inspectors experience? How many 5 Star Reviews do you have?

-Check out our Google My Business listing, we have over 450, Five-Star Reviews

-All of our inspectors have been certified with InterNACHI School, the only Home Inspection Training program certified by the Department of Education

-All of our inspectors have passed our in-house Impressive Inspector Coaching program. The Impressive Inspector Coaching requires each of our inspectors to inspect side-by-side with Alan, our very own Certified Master Inspector, for over 50 home inspections. The report must match Alan's report at 90% or better before being approved for inspecting on their own.

How do I Schedule a Home Inspection near Bloomington IL?

Home Inspection Scheduler Photo - Impressive Inspections

Its super easy to schedule a home inspection with us:

  1. Direct on our Home Inspection Schedule Page
  2. Call our dedicated scheduler Jordan, (she’s fantastic, dare we say Impressive)
  3. Email your request to jordan@impressiveinspections.com

How long have you been in business?

Impressive Inspections was founded in 2014 by Alan Flicek. Alan was previously a Realtor serving home buyers and sellers in the Peoria IL market. Alan earned his first real estate sales license in 2005 after purchasing his first investment property in 2004.

What forms of Payment do you accept for the home inspection?

We use Spectora Payments for our payment processor. Powered by Stripe, we can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover

We can take cash or check at the inspection location.

Reports are available after the Inspection Agreement is signed and payment is complete.

Will the home inspector provide a list of contractors to address any issues discovered during the inspection?

We do not work directly with any contractors. We can provide you with a few options upon request. The contractors we would share would not have any affiliation to our company. We share the names of contractors who have a good reputation with past clients, Realtors, or who have great ratings online.

What kind of Customer Service Experience will I have from my Inspector?

Nothing less than Impressive, that is our goal :)

Our home inspectors reach out via email before the inspection to remind you of the day/time of your inspection.

After the inspection is complete, our home inspectors will follow up to see if you have any questions after you have time to read the report. Our home inspectors will follow up again around the expected closing time.

Can I Trust the home inspector my Realtor suggested?

We always suggest doing your homework when selecting a home inspector by checking reviews. Many times your real estate agent has a great suggestion with personal experience using the different local home inspectors.

Our home inspectors are on the list of several real estate agent lists in Bloomington and Surrounding areas.

Has my inspector purchased a home of their own?

All of our home inspectors have been through the process of purchasing their own home at least once.

We understand the process, we empathize with the questions you have and concerns you experience during the process.

Do your home inspectors provide a radon inspection?

We definitely recommend testing for Radon levels in your new home. Impressive Inspections currently does not test for Radon Gas, a colorless, odorless gas which has been proven to cause lung cancer.

We offer a few different local Radon Inspectors who can determine the level of radon in your new home.

In Illinois, the action level for Radon Levels is 4.0 P/L. Anything above 4.0 P/L is recommended to be mitigated by a licensed radon mitigator.

Do you provide septic inspection services?

We have been through training to gain an understanding of how Septic Systems work. Knowing how complex these systems can be, we recommend a dedicated Septic Inspector to provide the Septic Inspection Services.

There are 3+ great local Septic inspectors who are the experts. We differ to them to provide you the best possible outcome.

Do you offer Termite Inspection Services?

We are trained to look for Wood Destroying Insects. In Illinois, we do not hold the proper licensing to report on the findings of termites. If we discover damage likely caused by termites, we recommend a termite inspection.

Do you offer Structural Engineering Services?

No. We are home inspectors who look for signs of trouble in the structural systems of the home. We recommend a structural engineer to complete an analysis of a failing component and recommend a proper repair plan.

Do you offer Well Inspection Services?

Much like a Septic Inspection, we differ to a business who installs and maintains these systems. We have a basic understanding of the Well and associated components, but we do not see them often enough to provide an Impressive level of service.

How many home inspections has my home inspector completed?

Obviously the number of home inspections your home inspector has completed plays a huge factor in their experience.

Being coached by a Certified Master Inspector provides an exponential amount of experience to any newer home inspector building quality habits from the start.

Home Inspectors Near Bloomington IL - Alan Flicek Photo
  • On our home inspections team, Alan has completed over 2,000 home inspections during the 9+ years in the business.

What locations do your home inspectors service?

Home Inspectors Near Bloomington IL Coverage Map

Our home inspectors are willing to travel up to 30 minutes from Bloomington IL to share their knowledge and provide the best information about your project.

Real estate located between 30 - 60 minute distance from Bloomington, is part of our extended inspections range and may require additional travel fees.

Inspection Repairs Completed image

Will your home inspectors confirm the seller's repaired issues they discovered?

We offer an "In the neighborhood" stop by service. Because we are all over the Bloomington area several days per week, it is likely we are nearby the home we inspected for you. We do not charge for checking on some repairs if we are in the neighborhood if it takes less than 20 minutes to check.

An example would be: We identified a leak below a bathtub. The seller or their plumber has sent over information letting you know the repair has been completed.

We can schedule a short 15 minute appointment to confirm the repair has been made by re-testing the tub component. If we are not "in the neighborhood" we may charge a "Single-Item Inspection" fee to confirm the repair.

Home Inspection Report available for 5 years image

How long after the inspection will the report be available?

We use a 3rd party software provider who handles the delivery and access of the report. They provide access to the report for up to 5 years after the inspection.

However, they do allow the client to save a pdf copy of the report which can be printed and kept offline for as long as you need.

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If you have questions, please reach out!

We hope this Frequently asked questions guide helped you decide on an inspector for your family. Our goal is to equip your family with the right tools, knowledge and understanding to make an informed decision.

The inspection report is designed to give you peace of mind, confidence, and an action plan to move forward.

Paying close attention to detail, our professionals provide homeowners and their Realtor the data they need to complete their job with ease.